Animal Communications

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Animal Communications

"Pam, Everything is going better than in my "best case" scenario..." - Teresa

Animal Communications are accomplished by the use of  telepathy. Telepathy is the transference of words, pictures and feelings. Animal communicate with each other all the time using telepathy. Most of us that have animals use telepathy to communicate with them.  Did you ever wonder why your dog that hates a bath runs and hides right before you go to get him for his bath?  Or what about when you have an appointment to take your pet to the vet and you haven’t even gone to get the carrier and they have disappeared into thin air.  You literally were sending them pictures of the forth coming bath or the vet and her office. You know they do not like to do these things and you also project these “feelings” to them. They pick up on it or “see” your pictures in their minds and take immediate action to remove them self from the up coming situation. They “talk” or communicate with each other all day long using telepathy.   But so do we. We all have the innate ability to communicate with out speaking.

Just like our animals we were born with this telepathic capability.  It is not unusual at all for you to be thinking of someone and even picturing their face and they call or text you within seconds. One of us was the sender of information and the other one was the receiver of the information.  It works the same way between us and our animals.  Not only can an animal communicator pick up on what your animal is saying in person, she can be a “receiver” over any distance!

But over time we were taught to rely on more and more on verbal communications and we let our telepathic “muscles” became weak and inefficient from lack of use.  The good new is that with focus and training we can all strengthen our telepathic muscles and become proficient at communicating with all animals.  I find that daily mediation and centering help me to stay telepathically open and aware of animals communications every day.  It just becomes a natural state of being with practice!

When I communicate with animals I receive picture, feelings and thoughts.  Sometimes when an animal has a particular area in his body that is painful to him, I will feel a slight twinge of pain in that same area of my body too.  Recently when I was talking to my Chiropractor’s cat this in the process of passing to the other side, I felt a lot of pain in my heart.  It turned out that she was being held by her “Mom” and they were both feeling the anxiety and pain of her eminent transition.

Other times I am show clear pictures of their feeling.  They may show me a picture of them with a sad and tired look on their faces.  Or they may show themselves running and feeling great.  Sometimes I will see a door shutting when they are not going to talk anymore about a certain subject.  Other times I feel a deep sadness in my heart when they are hurting emotionally. They always seem to know exactly how to “tell” me what they are thinking or feeling.

How can an Animal Communicator help you?

My goal as an animal communicator is to become the direct communication cable between you and your animal. They need and want to talk to your as much as you want to be heard and talk to them.  I am always working from a state of compassion and respect for you and your animal when I communicate with either of you. You will always be told exactly what is said to you from your animal and vice versa.  This will enable both of you to become enlightened in the process, helping both of you to live together in a more harmonious way.  You will get more insight into your animal’s physical and emotional issues and needs.

List of Benefits of using an Animal Communicator

1. Find out what they want to tell you and vice versa.

2. Get to know what your animal likes and dislikes about his or her life with you.

3. Find out why they behave a certain way

4. Exchange ideas on how both of you can resolve an issue between the two of you.

5. Ask them how their body feels.  Is there stomach upset when they eat certain foods or treats?  Are their muscles sore and where are they sore.  (Animal Communicators are not a substitute for Veterinary Care)

6. Find out if they like the way their pet sitter or dog walker treats them.

7. Are they cold at night in their stall, bed, dog house etc.?

8. Does their saddle fit?

9. Why do they urinate outside of their box?

10.  Are they lonely?

11.  Do the kids handle them the way they need to be handled?

12.  Do they need a job in your family?

13.  Do they like their job?

14.  What can you both do to make each other happy?

Animals are always willing to talk to me. They are more often than not relieved and thankful to have someone talking to them that really understands what they are saying. And sometimes they even make jokes about things we say to them.  Just think about what you want to know and let’s get the open communications flowing between you and your animal!

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